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Simplify the Restaurant Reservation Experience with Our Innovative Online Reservation Management Platform

Maximize your restaurant's operational efficiency with our Revolutionary Reservation Management platform.

Discover the revolution in restaurant reservation management with our advanced platform equipped with a powerful online booking engine.

Simplify and streamline the booking process for both your customers and your staff, allowing you to maximize operational efficiency and deliver an exceptional dining experience.

Organize all your restaurant's operations in one place

Control your bookings

Customization and efficiency : the key to a smooth Reservation Management in your restaurant

With intuitive and customizable features, our system adapts to your restaurant's specific needs, ensuring smooth reservation flow and efficient management. Opt for excellence in food service with our industry-leading platform!

Manage your reservations in real-time

Check all your reservations in real time with just one click

Receive a notification for each new reservation.

Create different user accounts for specific employees.

Record all changes in reservations - no more paper!

Centralized reservations for greater efficiency

Facilitate your daily customer service schedule by allowing your staff to access your online booking diary.

Save time by checking all your reservations as needed.

Your intelligent reservation management software, whether by phone, email, Internet or even in person, will allow you to see everything in one place.

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Digitize your restaurant kitchen


Developed with the latest technologies, for mobile use.

We have designed a tool with very studied processes, to save time and money. It is very easy to use, it is always up to date, and you have it available at any time and in any place, to your consumptions and wastes.

Make the most out of your bookings

How can Recipetor help you with your Restaurant?

All your bookings in one place

Online booking, message or walk-ins, in a digital diary accessible from any device.

Get bookings 24/7

Add the Recipetor booking widget to your website and accept bookings

Reduce no-shows

Send automatic email reminders on the day of booking to reduce no-shows and operate at full capacity.

Create a customer database

Is your guest a VIP or do they have special preferences? Get the facts and deliver exceptional service from the start.

Digitise your restaurant management with our booking engine

Digitise your restaurant management

Developed with the latest technologies, for mobile use. We have designed a tool with carefully studied processes to save time and money..

It is very easy to use, it is always up to date, and it is available to you at any time and anywhere..

Streamline the management of your restaurant business with our booking engine

Streamline the management of your restaurant business

A software designed to streamline the management of both your restaurant business itself and your establishment's kitchen and optimise costs.

Through it, you can have total control over the products used in each of the production files that make up the menus / banquets or the menu of any establishment, being able to make the most economical orders to suppliers in detail.

Your entire business in the cloud

A web software designed to make your restaurant accessible from a web browser and mobile without having to install anything on the users' devices and that they can work with each other while connected to the internet, without the need for updates by the customer.