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Reservation System for your restaurant, Recipes manager for your kitchens

Recipetor is a Reservation System for your restaurant end Recipes manager for your kitchens, Easy-to-use software developed for the management of professional kitchens in terms of standardizing dishes, allergen control and production management.


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Recipetor is a management tool for your chef, to manage the kitchen. Calculate the cost of your dishes, analyze your menus and gastronomic proposals. Manage your purchases more efficiently. Control your consumption and wastage.



Developed with the latest technologies, for mobile use. We have designed a tool with very studied processes, to achieve time and money savings. It is very easy to use, it is always updated, and you have it available at any time and in any place.to your consumptions and wastes.


Software designed to streamline the management of both the business itself and the kitchen and optimize costs. Through it, you can keep total control over the products used in each of the production cards that make up the menus / banquets or the menu of any establishment, being able to make in detail the most economical orders to suppliers.



Designed to be accessible from a web browser without having to install anything on the user's devices and that they can work with each other while connected to the Internet, whose maintenance and safeguarding of data depends entirely on Gastrosoft CB without the need for updates by the end customer, available in 9 languages / dialects and with annual subscription.


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