What is Recipetor?

The software

The Recipetor is a software designed to streamline the management of both the business itself and the kitchen and optimize costs.

Through it, you can have total control over the products used in each of the production files that make up the menus / banquets or the menu of any establishment, being able to make in detail and automatically the most economical orders to suppliers, consider the wastage of products, make scandals, access menus and menus via QR code, have controlled the warehouses, record the inputs and outputs of employees and their temperature, plan work shifts, or to carry out a complete traceability, among others.

Save with Recipetor

The Recipetor saves time, saves costs and simplifies calculations, and serves as an aid in decision making.

Fruit of Xavi Rancero's experience in management at the highest level, both at kitchen and restaurant management level, and aware of the importance of new technologies, this application has been designed to cover all the processes that take place in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, catering companies, central kitchens, and the like.

From the preparation of dishes and menus to their sale, through the management of labor, warehouse management (orders, delivery notes, stocks, order planner, ...), and other management processes (overhead, profitability analysis, daily production record, traceability, ...).

Modular solution: purchase only what you need and expand as you need it.

Contracting modalities

Different contracting modalities:

Cloud, designed to be accessible from a web browser without having to install anything on the users' devices and that they can work with each other while connected to the Internet, whose maintenance and safeguarding of data depends entirely on the cloud servers without the need for updates by the end customer.


Different prices, to suit all audiences:

-Individual, for independent professionals.

-Enterprise, for companies.

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